BUILD REsilience

to stress, overwhelm & anxiety to be

the best version of yourself

And here's the thing...

You already have all it takes.

You just need a little guidance.

I'm Virginie,

and I help you lift the clouds off your headmaster your emotions, and feel healthier so you can be confident that you're the best at what you do while being the person you've always wanted to be in your private life.

I help you protect your energy and build mental and emotional resilience to be ready for any challenges that life may throw at you.

So you can STOP just surviving and start LIVING!

with ancient wisdom backed by science


So It Works For You and Not Against You


To release tensions and embodied stress and anxiety in the tissues,

so that you keep your entire being healthy.


To take control of your nervous system,  counteract the stress response and master your emotions.


To stop all the overclouding thoughts, create new pathways to gain focus and cultivate a positive outlook.

Heart coherence

To leverage the power of positive emotions to heal and renew energy levels, improve your health and gain clarity.

AND You can choose to

take the first step with the assurance that with a science-backed, yet natural and holistic approach, you can become more resilient to stress and anxiety, and find your way to better physical, emotional, and mental health.

Find peace, so you can just be you

looking to support your employees' wellbeing in:

with science-backed practical tools that slot naturally into your life.

say no more to stress and anxiety-induced

Time To Take Back Control Of Your Life

And Live It To Its Full Potential

Emotional Chaos

Mental Capacity Breakdown

Pain & Illnesses

Are you a business leader, manager, team leader
  • managing their stress and anxiety 
  • promoting better emotional and mental health
  • managing a healthy work-life balance