leaders & their teams

BUILD REsilience

to stress, overwhelm and anxiety
And here's the thing...
You already have all it takes.
You just need a little guidance.

I'm Virginie,

and I help you lift the clouds off your head, master your emotions, get better sleep and find peace in your life, so you can be confident that you're the best at what you do while being the person you've always wanted to be in your private life.

I help you manage your energy and stress, and build resilience so you can handle the pressures at work and at home. 

You don't have to be perfect, but you can be your best.

BECAUSE now science

Validates ancient tools and brings new techniques to keep the body and mind healthy, and hack your nervous system so it works for you and not against you.

Practice of postures

To release tensions and embodied stress and anxiety in the tissues,

so that you keep your entire being healthy.

Breathing practice

To take control of your nervous system,  counteract the stress response and master your emotions.


To stop all the overclouding thoughts, create new pathways to gain focus and cultivate a positive outlook.

Heart coherence

To leverage the power of positive emotions, renew energy levels, improve your health and gain clarity.

TAKE back control of your life

You work hard to earn the good things in life, but too often now, you feel like life is happening to you.

You react, responding to expectations with no time to even look at the horizon.

When we take charge of how we experience the world, we're back holding the wheel.

You can choose to

take the first step with the assurance that with a science-backed, yet natural and holistic approach, you can become more resilient to stress and anxiety, and relax your way into better physical, emotional, and mental health.

Find peace, so you can just be you

Let me take you from zero, to ZEN.

with yoga-inspired techniques and heart coherence

all backed by science.