Be present, positive and level-headed,

creating a vibrant, happy you

Let's get real...

I'm Virginie,

how is this different?

Often it seems like you've got golden handcuffs on. This life you have created for yourself, the lifestyle you crave…

But you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, on the cusp of burnout.

"It’s just part of the deal, right? Maybe I'm just not cut for this”. 

Balance is possible.

You’re not alone!

Many of us find ourselves in the same storm– trying to balance life at home with a demanding career and feeling like you can never turn off your brain.

The pressure to “do it all”.

The expectation to be on top at home and at work, striving for perfection.

Feeling like you need to always be on stand-by for the “what ifs”, scared to drop the ball.

Yet, there are simple but effective techniques, proven by science, to help you manage overwhelm, stress, anxiety and avoid burnout.
Get the support you need to feel in control

Thrive at work and still give the best of you to your family.You’re juggling a lot. Help is here.

My coaching focuses on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

I help you find balance in every area of your life so you can perform to your highest potential and avoid the patience-ometer hitting the red zone when life throws you an oddball.

A blend of online and live sessions

Listen, I know spare time is rarer than red diamonds.
My coaching program is designed to fit your busy schedule.

I’ll help you navigate your unpredictable life and a demanding career.

My online platform brings tools to your fingertips when you need them most.

The coaching sessions ensure you stay accountable, take action and get the results you want.

I provide a way to move forward, a renewed sense of self and tools to Transform your life!


Yoga-inspired movement

Heart coherence


Meditation and yoga nidra

Self-inquiry and journaling

I married science and yoga

I'll guide you through your transformation with my unique formula of:

It’s time to be your best self.
The choice is yours.

What would your life look like if you were at ease in body and mind?

What would your life look like if you stayed cool even when you hit the red?

What would your life look like if you were positive and content?

You can pass on today and stay as you are.
Or you can wait a little, maybe do a bit of research on YouTube.

Or you can book a call with me today and start your journey with a guide.

Even if you think...

“Yoga and all that is a bit woo-woo”

When you think of yoga, you picture skinny ladies with flowers in their hair, cross-legged and chanting… Studies have been able to demonstrate why yoga works: the poses, the breathing, the sounds. There’s scientific proof, and you’ll experience it, no matter what you look like.

“I can’t do yoga, I can’t even touch my toes!”

You’re just as flexible as you need to be. And it’s not what you are or can do right now that matters. It’s about doing your body good, opening up and hydrating connective tissues so the body as a whole can function better.

“I just can’t relax”

Often, this just disguises something else: the fact that we are uncomfortable with being left alone with our own thoughts. It’s scary what goes on in our heads!
With yoga and breathing, and leveraging neuroscience, we can balance the nervous system and get you to a place where you can face those thoughts and quiet them down. 

“I don’t have time”

The program is designed with you in mind.  The practices I'm going to show you can be done in the moment you need them, and the regular exercises to build into a routine only take a few minutes a day.

So you CAN make the time to look after yourself, and get results.

“I need to see tangible results”

Real, measurable, objective results. With the HeartMath technology I use, you get direct biofeedback so you can see in real-time how you are affecting your inner state and physiology, track your progress and measure how far you've come!

Resilience coach,  yoga teacher, science lover, and mum of 2

I help the stressed and overwhelmed in high-pressure environments, overcome their struggles with controlling their emotions and minds, to bring balance in their lives using yoga, breathing, meditation and heart coherence, backed by science.

My bedside table is a tower of books on yoga, anatomy, biology, neuroscience and anything else that can feed my thirst for learning.

I believe nature gave us all we need. I believe we can improve our health and wellbeing in a holistic, natural way.

I went from stressed-out mum, waking up in the middle of the night in a panic about that email I hadn’t sent, sore back and all, to being content and in perfect balance mentally and physically.

And I know you can too.


"I enjoyed it as you could dip in and out as the practices were short and doable anywhere."


I like the way you use science to back up the exercises. I’ve liked that most of these are bite-sized bits easy to fit into a working day when you feel the need!""


how Am i going to support you?

1-2-1 coaching

This is your life. Your responsibility.

Choose to do what's best with my personalised support.

Face to face and online.


Helping companies proactively support employees' mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

Workshops and programs.

Disclaimer: Your results depend solely on your commitment and dedication to the program. You're an action taker, I know that, or you wouldn't be reading this. If you're ready to take your well-being seriously and find a solution to bring back balance in your life, you have to put in the work. Unfortunately, I do not own a magic wand!

get started

With reducing stress, building resilience and cultivate positivity with my FREE online in 3 easy steps.

self-paced online

DIY, complete online programs to lead you on your transformation path, in your own time and from anywhere.

"Before I started I found it hard to control my extreme anxiety. Since using HeartMath this has lessened and I am able to go into high coherence easily. I've always had a strong connection with my heart, and now it's helping me to stay focussed and calm, allowing me to concentrate on all the things I have and am grateful for, rather than what I don't have. Virginie is a great coach, very patient, calm and takes the time to make sure you thoroughly understand what's going on. She also as a very calming voice, which helps!"


"Recently my health and wellbeing took a dip, working in a high-pressure job and trying to balance family life, everything became overwhelming and that’s where Virginie stepped in and introduced me to HeartMath techniques.

Virginie’s knowledge of the subject along with her Yoga background is very impressive.

Virginie is articulate and has a calming personality.

We men sometimes find it hard to accept and talk about anxiety and mental health, from the first session Virginie made me feel at ease and then onwards. Her tranquil setting within her studio along with Virginie's knowledge and personality is a perfect fit. It is a very personal experience and Virginie will suit your needs, with the app, the studio and online sessions cover all bases.
After completing the course, I feel I have the techniques to cope and now apply these on a daily basis to stay focused. I can’t thank her enough and I would recommend her course sessions to anyone struggling with the pressures of modern life."


Disclaimer: Your results depend solely on your commitment and dedication to the program. You're an action taker, I know that, or you wouldn't be reading this. If you're ready to take your well-being seriously and find a solution to bring back balance in your life, you have to put in the work. Unfortunately, I do not own a magic wand!