you deserve to feel
fulfilled, successful, and supported.

A new era of modern professionals

calls for a new mindset.

I'm Virginie,

And I'm here to help!
Together we'll focus on reprogramming your unconscious way of thinking and behaving and cultivate a new mindset equipped with tools to last you a lifetime, so you can build true resilience.


Understand your stress, thoughts and emotion patterns.

Discover your triggers, beliefs and values that affect you, and the resulting reactions.

BECOME unapologetically YOURself,
confident in YOUR ability to create
the life YOU WANT FOR YOURself and your family.


Yoga-inspired movement

Heart coherence


Meditation and yoga nidra

Self-inquiry and journaling

Let's reprogram your mind in 3 steps

the programs

Resilience coach, yoga teacher, science lover, and mum of 2.

I help the stressed and overwhelmed in high-pressure jobs or entrepreneurs, overcome their struggles with controlling their emotions and minds, to bring balance in their lives using yoga, breathing, meditation and heart coherence, backed by science.

My bedside table is a tower of books on yoga, anatomy, biology, neuroscience and anything else that can feed my thirst for learning.

I believe nature gave us all we need. I believe we can improve our health and wellbeing in a holistic, natural way.

I went from stressed-out mum, waking up in the middle of the night in a panic about that email I hadn’t sent, sore back and all, to being content and in perfect balance mentally and physically.

And I know you can too.


"I enjoyed it as you could dip in and out as the practices were short and doable anywhere."


"I like the way you use science to back up the exercises. I’ve liked that most of these are bite-sized bits easy to fit into a working day when you feel the need!"



Get the tools and techniques you need.To manage stress, anxiety and your emotions, so you can feel more empowered and live in the moment.

Create sustainable habits to suit your lifestyle.

Get a plan for lasting change to reap the benefits of living a life full of joy, confidence, and inner peace.

Vagus Emotional Resilience program

Get in control of your emotions, whether you feel hyper-aroused or low, using the inner power of the vagus nerve.

You don't have to be a victim of the circumstances life hands you.

You CAN CHOOSE how you react.

Even if...

you think it's just the way you are

you can't control what happens to you

you've been to your doctor countless time

you've always been the anxious or depressed type

In the next 7 days, you will learn to...

  • recognise your emotional state and switch it so you stay in control
  • be grounded and be in the moment so you stop depression and anxiety
  • be relaxed, happy, and joyful so you can be you!
  • find peace in your day-to-day life so you stop the adverse effects of stress

What's included?

  • day by day practices and techniques to tap into your vagus nerve over 7 days
  • 24/7 access on any device
  • lifetime access
  • easy exercises to do anytime anywhere when you need them most
  • private chat
£ 39
Stress Buster coaching package
DIY online program
2 private coaching sessions package

Address your biggest stress and anxiety-inducing challenge and kick-start a mindset change to impact your life positively right away.

Let's work together to identify the root of your stress and anxiety, and find SIMPLE, QUICK and ACHIEVABLE solutions.

Even if...

you've tried CBT and other therapies before

you think coaching is not for you

you've accepted that's just the way things are

you don't know how to change

What's included?

  • 2 X 1h private coaching sessions, face to face or online
  • 24/7 access to practices, techniques and resources on the app
  • all the tools and techniques to move forward
Does this sound like you?

Feeling trapped in a never-ending roller coaster of thoughts and emotions

Telling yourself you're a rubbish parent/partner/friend/colleague

Feeling tired and caught in reaction mode

Feeling confused not knowing what to do


In just 2 x 60 mins sessions, you will...

  • identify your biggest stressor and triggers so you develop awareness
  • learn to interrupt the stress response and patterns so you can finally break the cycle
  • counteract the negative physiological effects of stress so you stay healthy
  • recognise your emotional state and switch it so you stay in control
  • learn HeartMath™ heart coherence techniques so you can use them anytime you need
£ 147
Zero To Zen program
10-week online coaching program

The resilience-building program for modern and ambitious professionals, who want to feel in control and succeed in their career and home life.

Let's reprogram both your conscious and unconscious way of thinking and behaving, to cultivate a new mindset and get you equipped with tools to last you a lifetime so that you can build true resilience and START LIVING THE LIFE YOU BUILT AND LOVE.

Even if...

you think coaching is not for you

you've accepted that's just the way things are

you've been to workshops and read all the books

you've tried to do things differently but fell away after a few days or weeks

In just 70 days, you will work on these fundamentals:

  • Habits- you are the sum of your habits!
    • Become aware of your habits and resulting identities
    • Understand your cues and triggers
    • Track and implement- it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit!
  • You and your nervous system- it's NOT you!
    • Understand the polyvagal theory and how it manifests in you
    • What stress and anxiety do to your brain and body
    • How to use your nervous system to work FOR you, and not against you
  • Managing your stress and anxiety
    • Release stress and anxiety in mind and body
    • Interrupt your responses and patterns and counteract their negative effects
    • Rewire your brain to create and cultivate a new positive mindset
  • Replenish and safeguard your energy
    • Plug energy leaks
    • Get better sleep and nurturing rest
    • Rebuild your energy baseline
    • Boosting renewing and feel-good molecules
  • Get to know your whole being
    • Discover limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns
    • Befriend and embrace all of who you are
    • Learn to let go of judgment and biases

With my special formula of

Does this sound like you?

You've worked hard for the good things in life but have no time or the capacity to enjoy them

Feeling under the pressure of expectations, striving for perfection

You feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, on the cusp of burnout

You can never turn off your brain, forever on "stand-by" for others

You feel like a failure- "others seem to manage ok?"

You feel like life is just happening to you

You can't let go and feel trapped

now imagINE...

Building and re-building meaningful relationships

Having clarity and focus, intuitively making the right decisions

Becoming an expert at juggling work and home life, without dropping a ball

Performing at your highest potential, communicating with clarity, and soulfully

Being able to control your emotions, self-regulate, and helping your kids to self-regulate too

Leveling up on your overall wellbeing and becoming healthier physically, mentally and emotionally

Having a renewed sense of self, being "YOU" again, energised, joyful, able to cope with life's oddballs

build the capacity to be prepared for, adapt to, and recover from the challenges of life!

What's included?

  • 10 weekly coaching sessions
  • 24/7 access to the program content and practices on the app
  • Guides and templates
  • HeartMath™ Inner Balance sensor and pouch
  • Community Private chat for accountability

Tangible results with HeartMath™ technology

The Inner Balance™ sensor and app provide real-time biofeedback:

  • See how you are affecting your health "in the moment"
  • Track your progress over time

How much will you invest on yourself?

How much are you spending on your physical health, working only on your physical fitness?

Your gym membership, your fitness tracker....

How much are you spending on spas, massages etc that offer only temporary relief?

Your NEOM candle may smell amazing when you're in your bath, but the kids (or even the dog!) might still ruin your zen when they knock on the door...

What else are you spending money on to make you feel better if only for a few moments? Come on, be honest...

Title. Double click here.

 You can start investing on yourself and future-proof your life

£ 458
per month*
but before you jump right in, let's have a chat.

Coaching is a relationship, so we need to make sure we are right for each other!


"Before I started I found it hard to control my extreme anxiety. Since using HeartMath this has lessened and I am able to go into high coherence easily. I've always had a strong connection with my heart, and now it's helping me to stay focussed and calm, allowing me to concentrate on all the things I have and am grateful for, rather than what I don't have. Virginie is a great coach, very patient, calm and takes the time to make sure you thoroughly understand what's going on. She also as a very calming voice, which helps!"


"Recently my health and wellbeing took a dip, working in a high-pressure job and trying to balance family life, everything became overwhelming and that’s where Virginie stepped in and introduced me to HeartMath techniques.

Virginie’s knowledge of the subject along with her Yoga background is very impressive. Virginie is articulate and has a calming personality.

We men sometimes find it hard to accept and talk about anxiety and mental health, from the first session Virginie made me feel at ease and then onwards. Her tranquil setting within her studio along with Virginie's knowledge and personality is a perfect fit. It is a very personal experience and Virginie will suit your needs, with the app, the studio and online sessions cover all bases.
After completing the course, I feel I have the techniques to cope and now apply these on a daily basis to stay focused. I can’t thank her enough and I would recommend her course sessions to anyone struggling with the pressures of modern life."


Disclaimer: Your results depend solely on your commitment and dedication to the program. You're an action taker, I know that, or you wouldn't be reading this. If you're ready to take your well-being seriously and find a solution to bring back balance in your life, you have to put in the work. Unfortunately, I do not own a magic wand!

*3 monthly payments