Session 1

Session 2

Renew & Stabilise

Recognising what depletes and renews you to build capacity
Exercise and heart coherence practice

Setting yourself up to build resilience
Tips on habits to establish a regular practice in your busy life

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 2

Session 6

Session 1

Stress Buster
Understand your stress and anxiety, and learn how to “hack” your nervous system through the body to stop the stress response so that you can take control of it in the moment.

State Shifter
Build personal strategies to create flexibility to move between the "fight/flight", "freeze", and “safe and social” states so that you can bring yourself back into a happy state of balance.

Understand the neurobiology of habits to foster the formation of a new routine so that you can actually integrate the techniques into your life seamlessly for maximum impact.

Resilient Body
Understand the embodiment of stress and learn how to release it so that you can let go of tension and pain.

Explore the 4 domains of resilience: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual so that you understand the importance of a holistic approach for maximum impact.

Mind Energizer
Understand how the heart can lead the body and mind into an optimum state of being and learn how to practice it, so that you can enjoy a healthy body and state of mind.

Build awareness on what depletes and energises you so that you can plug energy leaks and get more of what replenishes you in your life, while using the HeartMath™ technology so you have confidence that you’re “doing it right”.

Emotion Shifter
Understand the impact of emotions and emotional choice so that you're empowered to move away from depletion and towards a protecting and renewing state of being for more positivity, calm, joy, and ease into your day-to-day life.

Heart Bloomer

Learn to leverage the heart and positive emotions to encourage a mindset shift, make the right decision and know what are the next steps to take so that you have the self-confidence to be who you want to be.

"Employees come first.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

Richard Branson

the world of work has been turned on its head

Human interactions and teams have changed.

Some people have now been in new jobs for over a year and have never met any of their colleagues face to face.

As a manager and leader, you care about your team like you care about your family.

But how do you know how they're truly doing?

How do you know they aren't putting on a show on the other side of that screen?

Would your new employee be openly vulnerable without having built the trust factor and relationship with you?

In 2020, 79% of British adults commonly experienced work-related stress

And with work being the number 1 cause of stress, before finances, family and health stress,

it is now critical for businesses and leaders to put employee wellbeing at the forefront,

proactively supporting their workforce

to better manage their mental, emotional and physical health, and build resilience.

Motivate & Inspire

what can you do?

Empower & Support
Focus on the big picture

Making team members feel valued, and leading by example.

With the tools and skills to excel professionally and personally.

So the investment strategies lead to the vision of success.

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Proactively empower your team members

with skills and techniques for managing their own stress and anxiety, overwhelm, and avoid burnout and depression.

Help them build resilience

so they're ready in the face of any personal and professional challenge.

Instill motivation and drive

as they discover how to nurture their full potential.

wellbeing at work is an investment strategy to nurture your employees and future-proof your business

how can i help

you and your team?

Resilience training & STREss management at work
Live sessions, workshops and programs

I'll help you and your team develop mental and emotional resilience at work and at home on the basis of 3 principles:


Being empowered to control and release stress and anxiety from mind and body, interrupting patterns, and rewiring the subconscious for a new positive mindset.


Plugging energy leaks, boosting the release of renewing and feel-good molecules, and enjoying deep nurturing rest.



Understanding the 4 domains of resilience, how they build our experience and interact with each other, and learning how to keep them in balance.

my framework blends

ancient wisdom with modern science

  1. Neurobiology
    Using the way the brain works to your advantage!
  2. Applied Yoga
    Releasing embodied stress and activating nerves to promote relaxation
  3. Heart Coherence
    Leveraging the heart's hormonal and neurological powers over the body and brain
  4. Breathing
    The easiest and quickest way to hack your nervous system to work for you!
  5. Meditation
    To rewire your neuro patterns that drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
  6. Self-Enquiry
    To build awareness, recognise patterns and habits, and empower you to change!

My MindHeartBody6 framework includes:


An educating, thought-provoking, and empowering workshop based on 3 pillars:

  • Developing the understanding that stress and anxiety are adapted responses driven by the nervous system, helping your employees drop stress and mental health stigmas so they feel comfortable opening up and reaching out for help.
  • Developing awareness of the negative long-term effects of chronic stress and anxiety on physical, mental, and emotional health so that your employees feel motivated to act proactively to protect themselves.
  • Learning how to engage the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety so your employees are empowered to take action on the spot with easy, do-it anywhere, and time-effective techniques.

Solutions To Suit Your Needs

Are you looking:

  • For a way to engage your employees in proactively looking after their wellbeing?
  • To empower them and motivate them to reach out and address issues now before “it’s too late”?
  • To motivate them to use existing wellbeing resources within your organisation?

There are still many stigmas attached to mental health.
Beliefs like "There's something wrong with me", that it's a weakness if you're struggling to cope while everyone else around you seem to be.

There’s also the resigned "It's just part of the job" soldier-on attitude. The underlying belief that what your company provides is only for when you've reached rock bottom.

It takes a great deal of trust and courage for people to reach out when in that mindset.

I can help you shift it.

Workshop Details
All backed by science so they understand they cannot put this off any longer!



* based on group size up to 20 people online

"Going forward, this will help me to support my team members or my children when they are going through a stressful period."

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"The science behind the theory is very powerful and what made me really listen and realise you cannot keep putting this off - it will come back to haunt you in bad health/bad quality of life."

  • Available in-person and online
  • Designed as 2 x 1-1.5h sessions (length depending on the size of the group)
  • Includes worksheets to support the sessions
  • Ideal group size up to 30 people to allow for interaction

Interrupt & Protect

Understanding stress and anxiety in body and mind
Hacking the nervous system to interrupt the stress response breathing practice

Leveraging the power of the heart to buffer and suppress the negative effects of stress- an introduction to heart coherenceSimple heart coherence practice

The 6-session program to boost your employees' mental and emotional health.

Empower your team to stay in control of overwhelm, stress, and anxieties with science-backed tools that slot seamlessly into their life.

Enable them to feel and be the best version of themselves at work and at home by building true mental and emotional resilience.


Help your employees level up their health, master their emotions, and regain the full potential of their mind and life.

Learning skills to last a lifetime to:

  • Reduce overwhelm, stress, and anxiety and reverse their negative effects
  • Build resilience to be ready for and bounce back from life's challenges
  • Rewire the subconscious for a complete mindset shift to undo old patterns and stay positive

How The Program Runs

A program blending online learning, coaching, and practical exercises and practices

  • Individual Perceived Stress Survey at the start and end of program to measure impact
  • Short videos introducing concepts to watch prior to the sessions on the app
  • Live 60 mins coaching sessions with discussions, exercises, and the practice of techniques
  • "Homework" consisting of self-observation, notes, practices, and pre-coaching session prep (typically 15mins/day)

Ideal group size up to 30 people to allow for interaction.

Included are:

  • Access to all the resources to support the journey to resilience on the Clan Wellness app 
    (videos, audios, and exercise templates)
  • Program welcome page branded to your organisation
  • Complete program workbook to print
  • 6 live bi-weekly coaching sessions (face to face or online) over 12 weeks as follow:
BE THE leader who makes their team feel
VALUED, supported, and cared for



* group size up to 20 people online

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"As part of our Women In Leadership (WiL) initiatives, we invited Virginie as a Guest Speaker to talk about how to understand stress and how it impacts your body.

Virginie first wanted to understand why we wanted to tackle Stress Management in order to understand our members better. It was then she planned and organized 2 sessions with our WiL Members on how to reduce stress and build resilience.

Virginie was extremely professional, easy to talk to and understood our way of working and why we wanted to address this topic. She provided with insights on how to plan the sessions, what tools she would be using and how we could interact better with our members.

As busy professional women, often we forget about our own mental health and wellbeing, and with Virginie, we learned how to understand stress better and the impact it can have on not just the mind and but the body too. She provided necessary tools to for us to use on a daily basis and key things to remember.

It was a real pleasure having Virginie as our Guest Speaker and I would encourage anyone who is busy in their professional life (and personal) to take some time out and reach out to Virginie as I feel she has really helped with giving an insight on to manage stress levels and what we can do to relieve our body and mind. Thank you very much Virginie."

Jaspreet Kaur-Nandra, Field Marketing manager at Merck group

2. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and goals.

Let's chat to see how we can support your employees' wellbeing.

" I feel like I am living again and not just surviving. I've always had a positive mindset but now I have learned how to maintain that mindset"


1. Download the "Resilience For Organisations Package" pdf.

This is a document covering the details of both the "Aware & Empowered" workshop and the "Resilience Express" program for easy reference.

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what to do next

Virginie Ferguson

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